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The redesign of was a significant effort by a small, bespoke team that we were fortunate to be a part of. Our design and user experience expertise aided in the development of the new site.

It had been a number of years since had seen a refresh. We teamed up again with Ryan Carver and Jeffrey Veen, along with a host of other excellent Adobe talent — Doug Beach, Emily Chang, Dan Gebler, Max Kiesler, Mindy Lauck, Rebecca Marshall, Ari Remoundakis, Brian Tappily and others.

Our job? Overhaul the site from the ground up. The hurdles were daily and large, but with a systematic look at the major moving parts of the site, we concepted and developed a framework, providing a solid foundation for future efforts. The team and the challenges made for a rewarding project.

The Lobby

We started with the first impression — what did you see when you came to The homepage now showcases the users as well as the products and services themselves, in addition to announcements, promotions and more.

Early Homepage Designs

Earlier versions explored themes around products and services, weaving them closely together.

The Suite

At the heart of Adobe are its tools — the very ones that have made them an industry leader for years. The importance of developing a consistent system for exhibiting their products resulted in an infrastructure that can be easily applied and adapted across the creative suite.

Creative Cloud

Another goal was to better guide people through the transition from stand-alone product purchasing to the benefits of the Creative Cloud subscription model. We designed a simple narrative to explain the options.

Our Work