visual design, user interface

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Findery — the place-centric storytelling start-up — approached us to collaborate on a new feature, notemaps. Our task was to design the user interface and experience for Findery’s users.

Findery functions by users leaving multimedia notes about a place: text, images, sound, video or some combination. Notemaps collects these into a curated set with a beautiful layout, encouraging engagement. Our work entailed designing the notemap itself, the notes and how they interact.

Working over a period of four weeks, we had a great time teaming up with Caterina Fake, Laurel Hechanova, Maggie Nelson and Jessica Reid.

A fun, collaborative project all around.

A Notemap

A notemap is comprised of notes left by or created by users. These are presented as cards in the notemap view, allowing for quicker scannability and digestion of the content and type of collection. Varying themes are represented, and the design showcases those in a pleasing manner.

The Map View

This alternate view provides a geographic mapping of notes in a notemap, presenting a visual way to browse.

The Notes

On the notemap, we decided to take a modal approach to viewing notes. This allows a user to retain context for the note they’re viewing. It also offers quick note viewing — a user can stay in notes mode, go back and forth between them on a notemap; or dismiss it, return to the main view and pick another note to view.

Our Work