We’ve partnered with Rdio on a few occasions, helping them with product design for Rdio Home, and on this project, where we extended the brand and created a corresponding brand book.

We have a deep, deep love for Rdio at the studio. When the service first launched, it made complete sense to us — as music obsessives, our large libraries became unwieldy to migrate from computer to computer or computer to device. The service has become the only way we listen to music today.

In addition, we have mad respect for Wilson Miner and Ryan Sims, and the opportunity to work with them and the Danish wunderkind Malthe Sigurdsson was an immediate yes.

The Brand: Early Explorations

Sigurdsson established the identity and mark for Rdio, and we were tasked with developing a supporting brand language and guide.

Over a three-month period, we explored a range of concepts and ideas. There were many.

The Brand: The Guide and Book

We began to hone in on one brand direction.

And then polished the heck out of it.

As part of our deliverables, we designed a guide that addressed how to treat the brand — everything from do’s and don’ts to colors to typography to how to employ the assets.

Note: The complete brand book is not shown here for privacy reasons.


We also produced various collateral lock-ups, which were printed for employees and another was run as a United Pixelworkers T-shirt.

Our Work