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We worked with Japanese start-up SmartNews to design and develop their new marketing website, coinciding with the global launch of the English version of their news app.

Adviser Craig Mod connected us with SmartNews founders Kaisei Hamamoto and Dr. Ken Suzuki about the possibility of working together. At the time, SmartNews was, as they say, “big in Japan.” Five million users with high levels of engagement, and they were preparing to launch the English version of their popular app to the rest of the world.

Over a quick three weeks, we conceived, designed and executed a responsive one-page marketing site to tell the SmartNews story and to introduce the app to early tech adopters, the internet-savvy and anyone who wants to read news in a fast, easy and social manner. Since then, SmartNews has reached over ten million users.


We felt it was best to explain the app as concisely as possible and to maximize downloads. With those goals in mind, we landed on a one-page design with colorful sections to highlight the best of SmartNews.

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