visual design, ui/ux, custom applications


Over the years, we’ve worked with Twitter to create custom web applications, visual design, user interface and user experience work to help define one of the best social platforms on the internet.

We’ve been fortunate to execute assignments for special media and political ventures that leverage and curate Twitter’s data for various methods of digestion.

We had the pleasure of driving alongside Doug Bowman, Josh Brewer, Fred Graver, Isaac Hepworth, Craig Richards and Adam Sharp during the course of these projects.

Twitter Oscars

For the 2013 Oscars, with Fred Graver, Craig Richards and Twitter sentiment-analysis start-up Topsy (since acquired by Apple), we built a website that tracked and presented how Twitter users interacted with the Oscar contenders leading up to the awards show.

Read more about it in the press and on Twitter’s Blog.

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The Twitter Political Index

Leading up to the 2012 elections, we were put in touch with Adam Sharp to work on a bespoke website that employed Topsy’s data to produce a daily sentiment number. This number was in the form of a changing index that looked at how the main candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, were performing in the Twitter world.

Read more about it in the press and on Twitter’s blog.

The X-Factor Experience

In 2011, we joined forces with Twitter and Mass Relevance, where we conceived and constructed a tailored website for the first US edition of The X-Factor, the reality talent show from media mogul Simon Cowell. The site allowed you to vote for participants in real time from any device and to view the contestants’ timelines and topics.

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